A Great Opportunity, But It’s Never Easy.

The Advent and Christmas season is a great opportunity for planting seeds for the gospel, but it’s never easy to invite someone to a Christmas Event.  In our last blog post, we featured a story about how a church in New Jersey was able to make an eternal difference in someone’s life.  It started with a friendship that resulted in a friend coming to a Christmas program at church.
In this post, we will turn to advice from Rico Tice on inviting a friend to a Christmas event, and then advice on how to follow up after the Christmas event.  

A key tip that Rico gives is to consistently invite people to the same event every year.  The first year he invited people on his street, he didn’t get much response.  But with repeated invitations each year, he says now the whole street attends.  So don’t get discouraged when people fail to respond to the first invitation. 

Don’t be afraid to consistently keep inviting.

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